Criminal Defense Lawyers

Richard and Leslie Banks are a husband and wife team of criminal defense lawyers who live in Lockhart, Caldwell County, Texas and accept criminal cases filed in Caldwell County only.

Richard Banks

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Richard Banks Criminal Lawyer in Caldwell County Texas

Leslie Banks

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Leslie Banks Criminal Lawyer in Caldwell County Texas

Type of Cases We Handle


Possession of Marijuana

Possession of Controlled Substances


Aggravated Assault


Criminal Trespass


Theft by Check

Criminal Mischief

Weapons violations



Juvenile Cases

Probation Revocations

Deferred Adjudications

Resisting Arrest

Leaving the Scene After an Accident

Evading the Police

Tampering with Evidence

If you have been arrested, and you need an experienced lawyer who can evaluate the evidence against you and protect your rights.

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